Our Services

Empire Hospitality takes pride in being a market leader when it comes to providing housekeeping solutions in the hospitality industry. With our expertise and experience, we offer a wide range of services that can be customized to meet the unique needs and business requirements of their clients.

Empire Hospitality ensures that our services are comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective. By understanding the specific demands of each client, we deliver tailored services that guarantee high standards of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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Fully Outsourced

Empire Hospitality specializes in outsourcing of entire housekeeping departments. Empire Hospitality is able to provide clients with a unique outsourcing model.

The benefits to the client in outsourcing are tremendous.

  • The client is able to save on their housekeeping costs by eliminating all their fixed costs attributable to housekeeping, as well as additional costs that are associated with running the housekeeping department.
  • The client is able to eliminate all costs associated with payroll i.e. wages; superannuation; workers compensation; payroll tax etc.
  • Direct costs such as recruitment and training.
  • Indirect costs that cannot be quantified such as staff maintenance and wellbeing which are absorbed by Empire.
  • The client is thus able to budget better as costs are directly related to occupancy.

There is a growing trend towards outsourcing, as clients realize the valuable monetary and time saving costs. This valuable saving allows the client to focus on generating increased revenue through their actual revenue generating departments. 

Empire Hospitality has the experience and management to ensure the smooth transition of the housekeeping department whilst the initial outsourcing takes place, simultaneously achieving the clients specific goals and objectives.

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Partially Outsourced

Empire Hospitality provides housekeeping services on a permanent or temporary basis to hotels, serviced apartments and resorts. Empire Hospitality provides staff on a daily basis as well as on a weekly rostered basis. The staff that Empire Hospitality provides is used to supplement the client’s staffing needs and ease staffing issues.

Empire Hospitality provides the following staff either on a temporary or permanent basis:

  • Professional Room Attendants
  • House-persons
  • Supervisors Assistant
  • Executive Housekeepers
  • Public Area Cleaners
  • Turn down Attendants
  • Executive Housekeepers
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Full Transition

Empire Hospitality also specializes in transition management as well as has the ability to take on all the existing staff, including responsibility for the leave entitlements, workers compensation and other employee benefits.